Dec 16, 2013

Stakeholder Construction Survey from Zellner Construction

Dear Stakeholder on Main to Main Route,

The Main Street to Main Street Multi-Modal Connector Project is underway and Zellner Construction is extremely excited to be involved in such a great project for the City of Memphis. When completed, this project will provide greater accessibility to downtown residents, workers, and tourist, improve alternative transportation options, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of Main Street and Downtown Memphis.

As construction begins, Zellner Construction is committed to mitigating inconveniences and disruptions to the businesses and residents of Downtown. To aide us in this process, we ask that you fill out the survey. Your answers will help us schedule construction operations so that they have minimal impact on your businesses and lives.

Additionally, we will post updated project information and schedules on this site and on Twitter (@ZCS_LLC). We appreciate your feedback and look forward to providing you with a beautiful and improved Main Street.

Click here for the Stakeholder Questionaire: stakeholder-questionaire.pdfstakeholder-questionaire.pdf

Best Regards,

Reed Bowen
Director of Business Development
Mobile: 601.942.5497 |