Aug 12, 2013

US Secretary of Transportation Tours Main-to-Main Project

Anthony Foxx,  who last month President Obama appointed as our new United States Secretary of Transportation, visited Memphis and toured the Main-to-Main project on August 7. It is a real tribute and honor to Memphis and to this project that Secretary Foxx chose to visit Memphis so early in his tenure. Secretary Foxx took note of the project as a nationally significant model for how local governments can cooperate with state and county governments, the private sector, and the federal government to execute projects that stimulate the economy, promote alternative transportation, and enhance the livability and attractiveness of cities.

Secretary Foxx remarked that this Main-to-Main Project is an example of President Obama’s commitment to Memphis and investing in a stronger America. With the historic Harahan Bridge in the background, Secretary Foxx indicated that the nation’s eyes are on Memphis and this transformative project that will surely draw positive attention from around the world when people can cross the Mighty Mississippi by bike and foot while taking in Memphis’ ever evolving skyline. Additionally, the project allows Memphis to leverage federal dollars to make some necessary repairs, including ADA and drainage, to our Main Street corridor from Uptown, the Main Street Mall, Civic Center Plaza, and South Main.