Funding Sources for the Main to Main Multi-Modal Connector Project

Federal Funds – TIGER IV:  $14,939,000

Federal Funds - Federal Transit Administration: $2,100,000

Federal Funds – CMAQ:  $1,850,000

The CMAQ funds were received by Arkansas and may only be used in Arkansas.

State Funds – TDOT:  $2,000,000

Designated for the connection from Central Station to the Harahan Bridge in Segment 4.

Shelby County:  $1,000,000

Capital improvement funds generated through tax collections from Shelby County taxpayers and can only be used in Shelby County.

City of Memphis Storm Water Funds:  $6,000,000

Assessed storm water fees that may only be used for drainage mitigation and related design.

CRA Tax Increment Financing (TIF):  $2,000,000

These funds are generated from excess tax collections in the specific geographic area known as Uptown and may only be used for infrastructure in that area.

Center City Revenue Finance Corporation:  $2,000,000

Funds may only be used for Downtown Memphis Infrastructure.

Private Contributions:  $1,000,000-plus and growing

Private funds raised and pledged have been designated primarily for work on the Harahan Bridge.