The project is almost complete on North Main through the Pinch and Uptown, with new or repaired sidewalks, ADA ramp curb cuts, pedestrian bump outs, and new landscaping. If you remember, the condition of North Main Street was deplorable before, with missing sidewalks or broken sidewalks being the norm.

We've just recently turned on new, pretty, bright lights on Main under I-40 to help make the walk nicer between the Pinch and the Convention Center. (We also installed some cool new lights under the rail overpass on Carolina just west of Main.)

South Main Street, south of Talbot, is nearly done, with new or repaired sidewalks, repaved street (except the few feet between each set of trolley tracks), ADA ramp curb cuts, pedestrian bump outs, new benches, and new landscaping. North of Talbot will get the same treatment as part of this latest contract. And the new contract will fix the few feet between each set of trolley tracks.

Work on the Main Street Mall is ongoing now. Remember those embarrassing boards covering the ineffective drainage system up and down the Mall? Well, we've removed most of the boards with the last boards to be removed in the next two weeks. We've replaced the ineffective trench drainage system with a system that works and requires little to no maintenance. We've removed about a dozen dead, dying or inappropriate street trees and replaced them with new trees. After a design adjustment, we saved all the big, shading trees along the Mall, which means we are making some of the tree wells larger to accommodate. We will be fixing loose or missing pavers on the Mall as well as building and designating an ADA route along the Mall that will be easy for wheelchairs, bikes, and strollers to negotiate. LED lighting will be installed up and down the Main Street Mall as part of the new contract.

As part of Main-to-Main, Civic Center Plaza in front of City Hall has gotten new landscaping and will be getting major drainage improvements to prevent flooding in City Hall, which has been a major problem.

Construction on the Harahan and the Arkansas multi-use trail is now fully funded and underway with completion scheduled for mid-2016.